Basey the “Banig Capital of the Philippines”. It is a Municipality in Samar, Philippines. It is known for its woven products such as sleeping mats or “banig”, wall decorations, and many more.

Many are wondering to what is in the “Banig” that made it so special. Because even the foreign countries are talking about it. Well, it’s not just a simple “banig”. It is made by hardworking women from Basey, Samar.

One of the well-known mat makers in the Philippines is the D & E mats and rattan craft. The D & E mats and rattan craft produces many products made from “banig” or handwoven mats. Creating a name in the industry, they produce different kinds of bags, wallets made from “tikog” materials and furniture made from rattan with their bare hands.

Promoting products from Samar with high and good export quality, D & E mats and rattan craft continue to promote and to be proud of the remarkable native products in the Philippines. Also, their advocacy is to help the economy of the Municipality of Basey to progress through labor system.

With the fast-growing industry, they remain to be globally competitive and Known in the market worldwide.