Native to the Phillipines tikog is a reed grass that grows wild in swampy aresa usually in or next to the ricefields.

it is a slender grass-like pant with stem grown together at the base. The leaves are smooth and shiny. Tikog stems are gathered, bleached and left dried under the sun for several days in order to enhance its colors and tecture. Once dried they are dyed and weaved into various designs of pillow case, hats, purse,  and other home accesories, and the most knowned products that tikog produces is called “BANIG”.


 But another worthy visit in Samar is the Saob Cave in Brgy. Basiao where you can find the women weavers of the high quality and colorful “banig.”According to the locals, Saob Cave’s cooler temperature is perfect to preserve the raw materials in making the banig, so most of the weavers can be found there.

Saob Cave is located in Brgy. Basiao, Basey, Samar is the home of the weavers that popularized the natural mats made of tikog grass (Fimbristylis Milliacea) internationally. The cave also housed an unknown tomb believed to be more than a century old and possibly owned by the first mat weaver in the place 45 minutes drive from Tacloban City.

Saob cave is