About us

The Banig Capital of the Philippines Banig weaving is popular in Basey, Samar. Therefore making it the livelihood of the majority of people in Basey.

The women of Basey usually do the weaving. But some men also help with the weaving from time to time. They call them “paraglara”. In other words, weavers.

“Tikog” is the main material of a banig. It is a special reed grass which grows in swampy areas along rice fields and has solid, jointless and usually triangular stems.

According to the locals, Saob Cave’s cooler temperature is perfect to preserve the raw materials in making the banig. Because of that, most of the weavers can be found there.

As a result of the popularity of the product, Basey has been popularized as “The Banig Capital of the Philippines”.Founding of D & E Mats and Rattan Crafts.

D & E Mats and Rattan Crafts was founded by Mrs. Elvie Padoc. It is a locally based manufacturer of local products in Basey, Samar. Mrs. Padoc is one of the entrepreneurs in Basey, Samar. She was at her second year in college when the D & E mats an rattan craft was founded.

One of her friends encouraged her to open up a business. Her friend motivated her to open up a business that uses “tikog” as the main raw material. D & E Mats and Rattan Crafts started with an initial capital of just three hundred pesos (300Php). Mrs. Padoc saved her earnings from selling finger foods.

She sold food made from sweet potato, coconut and sugar. By this, the D & E Mats and Rattan Craft was created. D & E Mats and Rattan Craft started producing small items from “tikog”. Mrs. Elvie Padoc, the owner, originally had a partner in this business. Her partner was in charge in the production. Mrs. Padoc, on the other hand, does the funding.

She was also in charge of the sales, order inquiries and deliveries. But the partnership didn’t last long enough. Later along the way, Mrs. Padoc and her partner went their separate ways.

Therefore leaving the business to Mrs. Padoc. They divided the products and the profits of the business. And from there, Mrs. Padoc run the business together with her family. D & E Mats and Rattan Crafts offers different kinds of products such as mats and bags. They also offer rattan furniture as well.